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Power Kid Podcast

Jan 22, 2019

The Chinese toy market is on the rise! With an average annual growth rate of almost 20% and the implementation of the two-child policy many in the industry are looking to develop hit toys for the over 236 million children under age 14 on the mainland.
Today I interview China market expert Kirsten Ytterbo to discuss the opportunities and challenges of selling to China. Previously she spent almost 5 years in Shanghai and Hong Kong as a Merchandising Manager for Toys R Us and she is the former Senior VP of King Bee Toys. She has immersed herself in the culture and has some great advice to share!
Listen in as we discuss what brands resonate with the Chinese market and what cultural faux pas to avoid. In contrast to the US adult collector market why is the China market comprised almost entirely of purchases for children? Learn why top brands in China are splitting into 2 pricing tiers. We also discuss the impact of and online shopping in China.
Listen, learn and enjoy the show!