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Power Kid Podcast

Mar 19, 2019

If you are like me you have vivid memories of Highlights magazines in the waiting rooms of every doctors office you ever visited. As a kid having access to a bright fun issue with puzzles and word games could help ease my nerves no matter why I was seeing the doctor. Today my family gets to have Highlights delivered every month to our door. It is a great dose of nostalgia to see them enjoying the magazine like I did.

This week it is my honor to speak with the CEO of Highlights for Kids Kent Johnson. Founded in 1946 by his great grandparents, Kent is only the third CEO to hold the position. Educated at Amherst College and earning a Doctorate in Physics from Harvard, Kent has a tremendous passion for science and finds himself inspired everyday by Highlight's mission to help children become their best selves.
In this episode Kent takes us back to the origin of Highlights. We discuss what we think it means for a child to be their “best self”. I ask him how he and team consistently balance between fun and educational value. I also have him recount the story and marketing effort that lead to millions of Highlights magazines showing up in waiting rooms around the country! You will also be interested to hear how the Highlights brand in leveraging technology to grow in new and exciting ways!
Enjoy the show and thank you for subscribing, commenting, reviewing and listening!