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Power Kid Podcast

Nov 6, 2018

You will not want to miss today’s episode! The youngest CEO in the UK, Jenk Oz is a 13 year old entrepreneur, professional actor, singer, dancer, accomplished musician, presenter and public speaker. Though his creation he has created a world wide “show and tell” for tweens and teens. He keeps a finger on the pulse of what kids think is cool and allows them to share events, fashion and trends.
What advice does he have for those of us trying to market to Generation Z? What does the toy industry need to do to appeal to this generation? How can we leverage social media to capture Gen Z’s attention? 
One of the unique aspects of Jenk’s site is its focus on encouraging young entrepreneurship. Listen in as Jenk gives us his 5 key elements for any young person who wants to start or grow a business. 
Check out:
Also check out Jenk’s TEDx talk here: