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Power Kid Podcast

Aug 14, 2018

“Kids are so much more educated today…they already know from their friends and YouTube what they are looking for…"

Richard Derr has spent 22 years on the front lines of the toy industry. As the owner of the Learning Express in Lake Zurich, Illinois he is interacting with and learning from our customers everyday. His previous 20 years as an executive at AC Neilson gives Richard a unique perspective on what it takes to capture and hold his customers attention.

Today he unpacks his philosophy for running a successful toys store -  TPW: "Team, Product, Wow”. Richard’s explanation of this between time codes 9:55 and 14:16 is tremendously valuable to anyone in the toy industry.

What is it like to own a Learning Express franchise? How do you get in and out of a retail trend successfully? What does the next 5 years look like for Learning Express?

So much value here, thank you Richard!

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