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Power Kid Podcast

Feb 20, 2018

As #NYTF winds down I want to say how great it has been to meet many of our listeners face to face. Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement!

Truly the best part about doing these interviews is meeting gracious and creative people that share the same passion.

At the heart of the toy industry is safety. We are challenged at every level to not only create and market fun and innovative items but also products that are reasonably safe, tested and durable. Safety failings have been the downfall of many otherwise strong products.

It is my honor this week to bring you an in depth conversation with Don Moffett. During his career Don has held positions focused on safety, quality, and compliance in several industries.

He is an expert in toy safety.

• Is meeting the safety requirement enough?

• How can you ensure your product is as safe as possible?

• How can you avoid hazard and risk pitfalls?

Listen in as we discuss this very important aspect of toy creation.