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Power Kid Podcast

Apr 16, 2019

Micheal Keaton spent 16 years with LEGO in various capacities and locations around the globe including Denmark, Australia and Connecticut where he oversaw 460 people in 8 countries as the VP of Shopper Marketing Agency. For the next 3 years he served as the president of Schleich North America. Currently he is the CEO of Toysmith.
We discuss his calling into the toy industry and how he and the LEGO team overcame several challenges together. I ask him about his worldwide experiences and the cultural differences in the global industry. We discuss the steps Schleich took to expand their product offerings and how important it is to listen to your customer.
On a personal note Micheal shares with us his concept of "A-Game" which can help us connect with our families through play, even in the midst of our demanding jobs. Finally as he steps into his role at Toysmith I ask him about his goals and vision for the future.