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Power Kid Podcast

Mar 26, 2019

My guest today Matthew Hammersley has created a new way for you and your children to enjoy reading together! Matthew co-founded Novel Effect with his wife in 2015 to use voice recognition and sound effects to enhance story time for parents and children. The technology supports over 150 children's stories and they are working on other applications for language learning and entertainment. Together they have been on Shark Tank, completed a 3MM funding round, closed deals with major publishers and expanded the application!  

We discuss the origin story of this great concept (it all started at a baby shower!). It cannot be overstated the importance of reading to your child but in order to gain those benefits the child must be engaged in the story. Matthew shares with us how Novel Effect helps to keep kids engaged in the story. I ask him about the challenges of building a startup  team to develop a complex tech product. He also tells us about the content creation studio they are developing to allow you to create sound effects for your own books!
Stay tuned after the show to hear a demonstration of Novel Effect!
Story time will never be the same!