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Power Kid Podcast

Feb 12, 2019

I am honored to speak with JP Stoops today on the Power Kid Podcast! JP has spent 16 years in consumer products with a focus on toys. He managed licensed retail business development for Discovery Communications. He directed all aspects of including site management, e-commerce, marketing, operations, social media, branding, and creative. Today he is focused on building his company Pixl Toys which focuses on creating tech toys that utilize smart phones and encourage active and creative play.
I like JP’s way of describing his skills -  think like a consumer, act like a retailer and deliver valuable products - and I ask him to break this down for us. We discuss in depth how he sees online retail changing the way we find and buy products. How did his years as a buyer affect his decision to create and market Pixl Play?
Check it out here:
Thank you for joining us!