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Power Kid Podcast

Apr 17, 2018

"Show me”. Stay in the toy industry long enough and you will hear these 2 words thousands of times. Whether at a trade show or sales meeting - never underestimate the power of a looks-like works-like prototype….and a great presenter!

Clayton Hodges previously served as the Manager of Global Toy Demonstration at Hasbro and is now the Manager/ CEO at FerventlyFunConcepts. He KNOWS how to present your product! His organization casts, trains and provides logistics for live toy demonstrations for companies and events worldwide. Clayton is a highly trained actor and gives us insight today on his organization and power of a good toy demonstration.

Great presentation skills can directly increase your sales. If you would like to brush up on your sales presentation skills and learn a new trick or two I would highly encourage you to reach out to Clayton and become a part of his training series!

Thank you as always for the downloads, comments and subscriptions. We are having a blast bringing you free toy industry discussion from EVERY aspect of the industry!