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Power Kid Podcast

Mar 5, 2019

Blake Wright is the Indiana Jones of the toy world. His book series “The Toys That Time Forgot” successfully launched on Kickstarter and volume 2 is available now! It is the culmination of years of intense research and travel to track down the stories and artifacts behind toy lines that made it to the prototype stage but were never released to the public. Volume 1 chronicles over 20 instances of these types of projects and includes Hasbro’s Dark Crystal line from the 80’s and unreleased Krull, Bucky O’Hare, Osmosis Jones, Star Wars and many more!

Join us today as we discuss what it took to track down these hidden toy stories.  He tells us why some of these lines never came to fruition. He also gives us a glimpse into Volume 2 and the popular lines featured there.
Check it out here: