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Power Kid Podcast

Feb 26, 2019

New York Toy Fair 2019 is behind us and I am excited for the coming year! I enjoyed catching up with many friends and had the opportunity to record some great conversations as I walked the aisles. Several of you stopped me to chat about the podcast and although it might have been the first time meeting you it was amazing to experience that immediate connection and friendship!
In this episode you will hear from Billy Langsworthy as we discuss our love of toy design. I reach out to 3 new attendees in the Launchpad and we discuss their unique products. Finally Steve Reece and I cap it off with a review of the fair and the year to come.
I invite you to check out these new brands that caught my eye!
Dejan Mitrovic with Densters -
Sam Lacasse and Wrap N Snaps -
Jake Minor and his customizable action figure line Character Creator -
Thank you for joining me on my Toy Fair adventures!