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Power Kid Podcast

Nov 13, 2018

Anything that helps my kids get to bed has a BIG thumbs up from me! This week Natalie Rebot takes the mic and gives us an inside look at the history and ongoing success of her invention - Moonlite. The perfect parental peripheral : ) Moonlite uses the flash in your phone to make bedtime stories come to life with full HD images and in-app sound effects. Crushing it’s goals on Kickstarter in 2017, it quickly made many Top Toy lists, including Target's Top Toys of the Year, CNN, and Forbes.
In this episode we cover these questions and more: How was the idea born? What was the initial reaction of the first investors you approached? Why was Spin Master an attractive licensing partner? What are the challenges of getting publishers to partner with this new technology?
Also check out her new Kickstarter campaign with a *limited-edition Rose Gold Moonlite Pack*. For every pack sold, they will be donating 10 BOOKS to children living in poverty.
Thank you for listening!