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Power Kid Podcast

Aug 21, 2018

The owner of Design Edge Matt Nuccio has toys in his blood. A 2nd generation toy guy, he grew up in the business and has massive experience at all levels of the industry. He is a member of the Creative Factor Advisory Board for the Toy Association and a member of the board for ChiTAG.

I bring Matt to the mic today to discuss his efforts to more closely include designers, inventors and sales reps into the Toy Association.

He has also worked closely with the United Inventors Association and we discuss current weaknesses of US patent law. Do you always need a patent for your toy invention? How do we show an invention and get feedback while also protecting our ideas?

Later in the show we get pragmatic and discuss how to learn from having your concept rejected and use it to adjust your course and fuel your fire. This conversation is a great balance of entertainment and education. Enjoy!